We are often asked how do you do it?

Here is a step by step demonstration of an all too common vandal scratch repair. Dr.bump Scratch & Scuff Surgery have already gained an excellent reputation as "same day" vandal scratch repair specialists.

We only use the finest paint & materials available

& unlike a mobile "man in a van" service our lacquer & primers are

"2 pack" ensuring longevity and a high gloss finish.


 This lovely Jeep Commander came to us with a nasty vandal scratch over 2 panels. First we start rubbing down & "feathering" the damage

Once we have feathered the edges we etch prime any bare metal surfaces to ensure good adhesion for the primer.

This picture shows the repair all primed & ready for base coat & lacquer; we have a downdraft extraction unit which filters & cleans the air minimises dust & removes all harmful vapours with it's active carbon filter system.

The panels have now had base coat & lacquer and are receiving a full bake off from an infra red heating panel, ensuring a full & even cure.

All done! the repair is allowed to cool then a final polish.

On this occasion we had the car from 9am; the whole process took  just 5 hours, giving plenty of time to be returned in time for the School Run!

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